Mundane monday

17 juli 2017 - Sliema, Malta

It's monday again, so waking up and knowing that you have to start working again soon is though, especially after last night in Paceville...

After the usual morning routine, that includes avoiding white bread and messed up busses, i arrived at work. This time i had to work (somewhat) alone outside, dealing with the new visitors, because Anna, the Italian girl who used to do this task all day long, went home on saturday. Working alone for a day was alright, i wasn't very active anyway. And apparently the visitors shared my opinion about mondays: there were barely any visitors, not a single large group, just a few families now and then, but that's about it. It was pretty great because i was able to just relax on a chair, browsing on my phone all day whilst trying to avoid the heat: i'd call that a successful work experience.

The bustrip back home was just as agonising as to be expected on mondays: we were stuck in a traffic jam the moment we entered the urban area. It took the bus about half an hour to travel 2 km. Walking would've been faster, but i didn't feel like doing so because why waste precious energy? Instead, i just grabbed my book and started reading, i am now reading the book 'Joe Speedboot', it's about the adventures of a disabled guy and a pyromaniac in a dull village (or something like that). Meanwhile was also able to enjoy another form of entertainment: women attempting to drive a car. When the bus stopped yet again for 10 minutes, i watched out my window and saw a lady in a small red car trying to get out of her parking spot next to the road, there were cars in front and behind her, but there was a pretty large gap in between; she had plenty of space to manouvre and should've been able to get out after reversing once and just drive out, yet this lady just could not do it, she tried it about 20 times, stepped out of the car multiple times to check howmuch room she had left and still managed to fail. Sadly, the bus was able to move forwards a little bit after a good 10 minutes, so i didn't get to see how she was finally able to get out (if she has done it at all). I know that i can make plenty of jokes and comments about the driver of the car being a woman, but i figured that i probably shouldn't, because i would like to not get lynched by an angry mob the moment i come home again.

Tonight was pretty normal as well, i relaxed a bit, had dinner with the frenchies and went out to jog along the promenade at about 21:00, and i'll go to bed earlier than usual.

See ya.